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About Us – Indian Beauty League (IBL)

Welcome to the glamorous world of Indian Beauty League (IBL), a revolutionary pageant league that celebrates beauty, talent, and fashion from all corners of India. Organized by Dellywood and spearheaded by the visionary Vinod Ahlawat, the creator of successful pageants “Mr & Miss India” and “Mrs India,” IBL promises to redefine the essence of beauty pageants in the country.

Our Vision: At IBL, our vision is to provide a platform where aspiring male and female models can showcase their beauty, intelligence, and talent on a national stage. We aim to empower participants to realize their true potential and carve a niche for themselves in the fashion and beauty industry.

Our Mission: Our mission is to promote diversity, inclusivity, and creativity in the world of fashion and beauty. We strive to discover fresh talents from every state of India and celebrate their uniqueness while fostering a sense of unity among all contestants.

The Organizer – Vinod Ahlawat: Mr. Vinod Ahlawat, the mastermind behind IBL, is a renowned figure in the beauty pageant industry. With his exceptional vision and experience, he has successfully organized prestigious events like “Mr & Miss India” and “Mrs India.” His expertise and dedication ensure that IBL offers an unforgettable experience to participants, team owners, sponsors, and the audience alike.

IBL Highlights:

  • Unparalleled Pageant League: IBL is the first league of its kind, uniting male and female models from all Indian states in a captivating pageant series.
  • Nationwide Auditions: We travel over 30,000 kilometers annually, conducting auditions in more than 50 cities, to discover India’s finest talents.
  • Dazzling Fashion Week: IBL brings forth the spectacular “Dellywood Fashion Week,” where leading designers showcase their latest collections and set fashion trends.
  • State-of-the-Art Finale: The grand finale of IBL is a dazzling event featuring top models, celebrities, designers, and influencers, making it a highly anticipated national affair.

Get Involved with IBL: Whether you are a participant aspiring for glory, a team buyer eager to represent your state, a sponsor looking for exceptional visibility, or a fashion enthusiast seeking dazzling entertainment, IBL welcomes you to be a part of our journey.

Join the IBL Family: Step into the spotlight, embrace your unique beauty, and experience the magnificence of the Indian Beauty League. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of beauty, talent, and unity that defines the diversity of India.

For inquiries, participation, sponsorship, and team buying opportunities, reach out to us at 9599111186. Follow us on social media for the latest updates, auditions, and exciting events!

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