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In the dynamic world of advertising, IBL’s Advertising Agency emerges as a beacon of creativity and innovation. With a vast network of models and professionals across various states, we offer a comprehensive suite of advertising services to elevate your brand and captivate your audience.

Our Services:

  1. Creative Campaigns:
    • Tailored advertising campaigns that tell a compelling story, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.
  2. Print Ads:
    • Stunning visual designs for print media, ensuring your brand stands out in magazines, newspapers, and other publications.
  3. Digital Marketing:
    • Strategic digital campaigns, including social media ads, email marketing, and content creation to maximize your online presence.
  4. TV Commercials:
    • Engaging TV commercials that convey your brand message effectively and leave a memorable impact on viewers.
  5. Radio Ads:
    • Crafted audio ads that resonate with your audience and create brand recall through radio broadcasts.
  6. Outdoor Advertising:
    • Eye-catching billboard designs and outdoor advertising strategies to reach a wider audience in high-traffic areas.
  7. Event Sponsorship:
    • Integration of your brand into IBL events, providing exposure and engagement opportunities among our diverse audience.
  8. Product Placement:
    • Strategic product placements within IBL-produced content, seamlessly integrating your brand into our various initiatives.
  9. Influencer Collaborations:
    • Partnering with IBL models and influencers for brand endorsements and promotional collaborations.
  10. Customized Merchandise:
    • Creation of custom merchandise featuring your brand, providing unique promotional items for increased visibility.

Tariff Card – Basic Prices (INR):

Service Basic Price (INR)
Print Ad (Full Page) 25,000
Social Media Campaign 15,000
TV Commercial (30 sec) 50,000
Radio Ad (60 sec) 20,000
Billboard Design 30,000
Event Sponsorship 1,00,000
Product Placement 40,000
Influencer Collaboration 25,000
Customized Merchandise 10,000

Why Choose IBL Advertising Agency?

  1. Diverse Talent Pool:
    • Access to a diverse range of models and creative professionals across states.
  2. Innovative Approach:
    • Creative strategies that break through the clutter and deliver impactful messages.
  3. Nationwide Reach:
    • Extensive reach across states for broader brand visibility.
  4. End-to-End Solutions:
    • Comprehensive advertising solutions from conceptualization to execution.
  5. Competitive Pricing:
    • Transparent and competitive pricing to suit varied advertising budgets.

Partner with IBL’s Advertising Agency for a transformative advertising experience that goes beyond conventional boundaries, ensuring your brand reaches new heights of success.

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