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IBL’s Events & Exhibitions service stands as a dynamic catalyst for brands and businesses to curate unforgettable experiences and forge meaningful connections. With a network of models spread across various states, we bring creativity, precision, and a touch of glamour to events and exhibitions.

Our Services:

  1. Event Management:
    • Conceptualizing, planning, and executing seamless events, from product launches to corporate gatherings.
  2. Fashion Shows:
    • Orchestrating captivating fashion shows with our pool of talented models, adding flair and elegance to brand presentations.
  3. Product Launches:
    • Ensuring impactful product launches that leave a lasting impression on the audience.
  4. Exhibition Booth Design:
    • Designing visually stunning and strategically efficient exhibition booths for maximum brand visibility.
  5. Brand Activations:
    • Creating interactive and engaging brand activations that resonate with the target audience.
  6. Promotional Events:
    • Hosting promotional events and roadshows to enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement.
  7. Model Hosts and Hostesses:
    • Providing charismatic models to serve as hosts and hostesses, adding a touch of glamour to events.

Tariff Card – Basic Prices (INR):

Service Basic Price (INR)
Event Management 2,00,000
Fashion Show Coordination 1,50,000
Product Launch Assistance 1,00,000
Exhibition Booth Design 75,000
Brand Activation Services 1,25,000
Promotional Event Hosting 90,000
Model Hosts/Hostesses 50,000 (per model)

Why Choose IBL Events & Exhibitions?

  1. Holistic Event Solutions:
    • Comprehensive event management solutions from conceptualization to execution.
  2. Glamorous Fashion Shows:
    • Access to a pool of talented models for stunning and memorable fashion shows.
  3. Strategic Product Launches:
    • Expert assistance in planning and executing impactful product launches.
  4. Creative Exhibition Booths:
    • Visually appealing and strategically designed exhibition booths for enhanced brand visibility.
  5. Engaging Brand Activations:
    • Innovative and interactive brand activations for increased consumer engagement.
  6. Professional Model Hosts:
    • Charismatic models serving as hosts and hostesses, adding a touch of glamour and professionalism.

Elevate your brand presence and make a lasting impact with IBL’s Events & Exhibitions services, where each event is a masterpiece and every exhibition booth tells a compelling story.

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