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In the dynamic world of public relations, IBL PR Agency emerges as a catalyst for brand elevation. With a vast network of models strategically positioned across various states, we offer a unique blend of creativity and strategic communication to ensure our clients stand out in the crowded market.

Our Services:

  1. Media Relations:
    • Cultivating strong relationships with media outlets to secure favorable coverage.
  2. Press Release Creation:
    • Crafting compelling and newsworthy press releases to generate media interest.
  3. Event Management:
    • Planning and executing events that garner media attention and public interest.
  4. Brand Storytelling:
    • Developing and communicating brand stories that resonate with the target audience.
  5. Crisis Communication:
    • Strategizing and implementing effective communication during crisis situations.
  6. Influencer Collaborations:
    • Leveraging our network of models for influencer collaborations that boost brand credibility.

Tariff Card – Basic Prices (INR):

Service Basic Price (INR)
Media Relations 1,20,000
Press Release Creation 80,000
Event Management 1,50,000
Brand Storytelling 1,00,000
Crisis Communication 1,25,000
Influencer Collaborations 1,00,000

Why Choose IBL PR Agency?

  1. Robust Media Relations:
    • Established connections with media outlets for maximum coverage.
  2. Compelling Press Releases:
    • Crafted press releases that grab attention and drive media interest.
  3. Strategic Event Management:
    • Events designed to captivate the audience and generate media buzz.
  4. Engaging Brand Storytelling:
    • Unique and compelling narratives that resonate with the target audience.
  5. Effective Crisis Communication:
    • Proactive and strategic communication during challenging times.
  6. Influencer Collaborations:
    • Leveraging our network of models for influential brand collaborations.

IBL PR Agency is not just about managing perceptions; it’s about crafting compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact on the audience and position brands as industry leaders.

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